Willow Brook Holliston | IEA
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Willow Brook Farm’s IEA Team was established in 2013 and continues to thrive.


IEA is a show team comprised of middle school and high school age competitors. The riders compete in equitation based horse shows. The horses are provided at the host farm and chosen by a random draw. This is an excellent opportunity for riders to test and hone their skills aboard unfamiliar mounts and excel in becoming a better overall horseman.


There is also a chance for students to compete on a regional and national level, where they can compete against other students from around the country. Once a year the Willow Brook Farm IEA Team hosts their own home show.


Our IEA Team also welcomes riders from local barns who do not have an IEA team. All IEA riders participate in a weekly team riding lesson.


If you or your rider are interested in this unique opportunity, please email our farm today! Also, visit the IEA website to learn more about this fantastic association: www.rideiea.org






Birthday Parties

Therapeutic Riding