Willow Brook Holliston | Lesson Program
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We provide horseback riding instruction with the safety, happiness, and well-being of students and horses being of primary concern.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Willow Brook Farm provides horseback riding lessons for all ages and abilities, from beginners, to recreational riders, to those who want to fine tune their skills for showing. Our program is centered around balanced seat training. The philosophy of the farm is to teach our riders how to ride in the safest possible manner, to understand how their riding can effect the horse, and to have fun in the process!


We specialize in the development of horseback riding skills of all ages and levels.


Our Massachusetts licensed trainers will help you develop your riding skills, knowledge, ability, and confidence in many different areas:

  • Balanced seat
  • Jumping
  • Cross Country
  • Dressage
  • Western Riding


We have riding lesson programs for very young beginners, preteens, teens and adults. Students may choose to ride for their own pleasure or may want to learn the competition skills for certain disciplines.

Lesson Program Structure

Lessons are $50


Riders come once a week to their lesson time.


All riders are started in 30 min private weekly lessons for safety and proper instruction. Riders arrive early to their lesson to groom and tack their horse. If a rider is still learning, our working students will assist or have your horse ready!


Hour group lessons are offered for intermediate to advanced riders. Group lessons are matched based on ability and rider age. Trainer recommendation required.


Riders do need their own ASTM approved riding helmet and proper riding boots.We will loan a helmet for an initial trial lesson.


We offer lessons Monday through Saturday, giving our equine partners a day of their own on Sunday!

Horsemanship Program

At Willow Brook Farm we believe learning proper horsemanship skills is the key to a successful and complete rider. Our horsemanship program is designed to train riders on proper grooming, tacking, handling, care, and feeding of our beloved equines. All while bonding with other riders in our barn family!


Classes are for riders currently taking lessons at WBF.


These 2 hour drop off classes are offered: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3:30-5:30, Saturday 10-12 or 12:30-2:30


Riders pick one session a week. Cost is $40 a month.

Working Student Program

Our working student program is a unique opportunity for our advanced riders to mentor younger riders and aid in the daily operations of our lesson program. Working students assist trainers with lesson prep, assisting younger/new riders, tacking, grooming, and care of horses during scheduled lessons.


There are limited working student positions, therefore an application process is in place. Students must be advanced riders and present themselves as a role model at Willow Brook Farm to initially be considered.


Currently our working student program is lead by Miss Emma Grimes. As our lead working student, Emma keeps everyone informed on horses, tack changes, scheduling, and any pertinent information to daily lessons.




Birthday Parties

Therapeutic Riding